When Do I Need an Integrator?

CEDIA defines a systems integrator as: “A company or individual who designs and installs various electronic systems. An integrator will do this but also link them together so that they can be controlled easily from one user interface.”

Integrators are different than electricians, which are different than lighting designers. Below we are going to explain some key differences, and why you might specifically require an integrator over other comparable professionals.

Integrator vs electrician

An electrician is simply someone who installs and maintains electrical equipment. If all you need are a few new light fixtures or outlets, then an electrician is all you need. But if you want your lights to intelligently communicate with each other, or other systems like shades and security, then you should contact an integrator.

That’s not to say that electricians and integrators can’t work together. An electrician can implement a system designed by an integrator, or consult with one if additional information or standards are required.

Integrator vs lighting designer

Lighting designers design and plan lighting and electrical systems, including color, distribution, and intensity. They can typically handle all lighting needs, and other limited electrical systems. If you go beyond just lighting and want your home to be truly “smart”, and integrator is the way to go.

Similarly to lighting designers however, integrators also consult with architects and interior designers; and have the opportunity to work together.

Integrator vs DIY

Why hire anyone when systems like Alexa and Google Home let you do it yourself? It comes down to the level of quality and knowledge you’re looking for. The systems that a professional designs are higher quality and come with the comfort of warranties and service guarantees.

When in doubt – just reach out and ask!