THINKtank – Building Smart Homes in 2021

On October 12th we were honored to participate in Invalesco Real Estate‘s THINKtank – Building Smart Homes in 2021. Sharing the stage with Larsen Development and Samsung’s Smart Things, this event answered the burning questions of builders, architects, and agents alike. Below are some of the top questions from the forum.

Concerns about security – how do I keep my digital information safe?

Where you might think the answer is to choose the most expensive, high-end products, the answer actually lies in the network. Any device or product that could access your personal information would do so through an internet connection. Ensuring that you have a strong, secure, and encrypted network is key to keeping your data private.

What happens when the power goes out or internet goes down?

Before we jump into this one it’s important to know that, when possible, systems within the home will have manual overrides regardless of power or internet connection. Even in a traditional home, the only true solution to a power outage is a generator or battery back-up from solar panels. SAVANT Power is a great example of a residential energy management system.

As for internet, this is really in the hands of your network provider. Remote power management can assist in rebooting your router (to clear out the cache), but this will only solve router issues. If the network is fully down, the manual overrides become essential.

What are some standard systems you’re seeing?

Network and security are always a must. Climate control and audio/video typically follow. The newest trend we’re seeing is automated shades; they’ve always been available, we’ve just begun to see more of an ask from clients. When in doubt, always pre-wire!

What’s new and next?

Energy management is one of the newest automation fields. Going beyond basic efficiency, a full management system monitors every load in your home. When combined with solar panels, you can not only optimize your consumption and production, you can utilize stored energy during peak hours to further save on your bill. Every dad’s dream.