Power Management

The Ultimate Energy Management Solution

Savant Power Systems deliver visibility into energy production and consumption, help weather power outages, offset peak utility rates when on the grid, and optimize energy usage when off the grid. With the Savant app’s award-winning user experience, personalized control over every circuit in your home is in your hands.

Monitor production and usage trends, control circuits at the distribution panel, and manage solar, battery, or generator backup sources all via the award winning Savant App.

The Savant Power System is a complete energy management solution that provides revenuegrade energy monitoring and
circuit level control.

Paired with the Savant mobile app experience, homeowners can make intelligent energy choices based on weather conditions, time of use pricing, and more.

• Real-time energy monitoring
• Energy production and consumption history
• Flexible Load Management
• Energy insights
• Energy modes including Eco Mode, Power Outage mode and more
• Time of use mitigation
• Compatibility with generator & energy storage solutions

Every Electric Panel Can Become Smart

Savant Power System Overview

Scalable Storage Systems

    • Supports systems up to 800AMP
    • Packages starting at 12kW/19kWh, scalable up to 144kW/384kWh
    • Hybrid Inverter solution for both solar and battery storage, with AC or DC Solar Coupling
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