Standard TV Alternatives

With so many advancements in technology, a standard black TV is no longer your only option when it comes to choosing a quality TV. Below are a few alternatives that might be a better fit for you and your home.

The Frame – Samsung

A TV when you want it, art when you don’t. The Frame has a sleek and minimalist design that’s enhanced with your choice of beautiful artwork when you’re not watching. Dual LED allows you to see every every color at its best. Adaptive Picture technology adjust brightness and contrast automatically based on surrounding light in the room. And motion sensors know when to fully turn off when no one is around.

Mirror TV – Seura

Vanishing technology means this TV completely disappears when its turned off, and a mirror is all you see. Add a frame or recess it right into the wall or built-ins for a modern look. Choose from 4 standard sizes and 6 optional frames, or have a custom one made just for your space. Even behind a piece of mirrored glass, 4K UHD picture clarity means you don’t compromise on quality. This built to order product means you get exactly what you want, made just for you.

Frame my TV

A more economic option – Frame my TV custom makes frames for your existing TV. Still looking for something more? Cover it with a retractable piece of real art! Choose from their linen of artwork, a commissioned piece, or upload one of your own. They also build frames for Samsung’s The Frame for those looking for a more ornate design. In the end, Frame my TV is truly one of the most customizable options on the market.

CineBeam AI ThinkQ – LG

Not a TV at all, this close-range projector is the only option that truly does disapear right off the wall when not in use. Advancements in technology mean this projector maintains its vibrant color even in ambient light. Placed a mere 7.2″ away from the wall and you have up to 120″ of clear 4K UHD picture. And in case that isn’t enough, both Alexa and Google Assistant are already built in.