Life & Water Safety

Life & Water Safety

You’re on vacation and your sprinklers leak, flooding your basement. With a water safety system, once a leak is detected, the water is automatically shut off. You’d then be notified that your neighbors, and proper authorities, have been informed. Saving your basement, and peace of mind.

  • Take action before an emergency strikes with 24/7 monitoring for fire, carbon monoxide, water leaks, frozen pipes, and more

  • Automatically be notified by call, email, or text when an emergency has been detected

  • Customize what actions are taken based on what type of emergency occurs

  • Notify the proper authorities automatically so action is taken even while you’re away

  • Monitor your home for even the smallest water leaks to prevent mold, mildew, and poor indoor air quality

  • Save water and money by implementing flow monitors

  • Shut off HVAC equipment automatically when smoke is detected

  • Adjust thermostat temperatures preemptively to prevent frozen pipes

  • Integrate with lights, sound, and security for a whole-home emergency reaction

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