Importance of Pre-wiring

Wires, studs, pipes, ducts…the backbone of every home. All hidden once the project is done, but wouldn’t function without them. Often times however, design changes are made on the fly or after a project is sealed up, leaving no other choice than to cut into the drywall, patch, and re-paint. In other words, a pain in the butt. The best way to prevent this from a wiring perspective is to ask the right questions up front, and when in doubt, run the extra line. 

Here are the things to consider when having design conversations with clients.  

Let’s start with the easy one, TV locations. With almost every new TV being smart, it’s important to make sure they get their own dedicated CAT cable. This will lighten the load on the router and Wi-Fi speeds down the line. It’s also an easy add since all TVs are wired anyway. 

A convenient piggyback from TVs is speaker locations. Obviously, you’ll need them wherever you have a TV (unless you’re going with a sound bar), but what about the office? Bedrooms? Although wireless speakers are a good solution for forgotten rooms, they can be a bit of an eyesore and difficult to place. This is a great chance to just run wires to all potential locations for smooth, disguised, in-ceiling applications. 

Now what about security? Door stations, cameras, and control panels are all best wired. Cameras are the most forgotten component of this system when it comes to pre-wire. Again, wireless cameras exist, but how many times are you going to climb up and replace or charge the batteries before you give up? Fortunately, camera placement is quick with the use of design software from providers like Axis. 

Last but certainly not least, wireless access points (WAPs). Yes, wireless is in the name, but these bad boys are hardwired to ensure the wireless network of the home can take the heat. Upstairs, in the basement, or outdoors, strategic WAP placement is important when it comes to building network infrastructure. 

Still not sure if you’ve run wires to the necessary locations? Reach out!