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  • 05

    Centralized lighting systems for new home construction

    Traditional line-voltage wiring methods require installing high-voltage wiring from each run of lights to an individual switch, resulting in dated control methods and limited flexibility. A centralized lighting control...

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  • videohome

    Architects Plant the Seed of Inspiration

    What role do architects play in the smart home industry? They are the first ones in front of owners when it comes to putting their ideas and dreams into...

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  • 11

    Smart Features Prevent Frozen Pipes

    Anyone living in where snow falls and temperatures drop knows the fear of frozen pipes. With 37% of bursts happening in the basement, you might not know until its...

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  • 17

    Savant and the Zoom Room

    Still trying to find the perfect spot for taking video calls? Home office makes sense, but maybe the lighting is off. The couch near a window seems perfect, until...

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  • 25

    Importance of Pre-wiring

    Wires, studs, pipes, ducts…the backbone of every home. All hidden once the project is done, but wouldn’t function without them. Often times however, design changes are made on the...

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  • 29

    When Do I Need an Integrator?

    CEDIA defines a systems integrator as: “A company or individual who designs and installs various electronic systems. An integrator will do this but also link them together so that...

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  • 30

    Standard TV Alternatives

    With so many advancements in technology, a standard black TV is no longer your only option when it comes to choosing a quality TV. Below are a few alternatives...

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  • 16

    Dolby Atmos – Immersive Sound

    No longer be limited to sound from strictly right-left sound systems. Dobly Atmos allows for targeting of precise sounds – even from above. We’re going to explain what it...

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  • 09

    Lutron Alisse Wall Controls

    The Alisse wall control is an elegant, balanced and versatile design honed with meticulous craftsmanship. Choose from a range of button configurations and a selection of curated metal finishes...

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  • 01

    Smart Water Filtration

    Our next wellness topic is water quality! Our bodies are primarily composed of water, so it’s no surprise that water quality has such a high effect on our overall...

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