Automated Home Feel

Smart Home Benefits

There are many advantages of home automation. Generally speaking, these benefits can be categorized into savings, convenience, control, safety, peace of mind, and comfort. Read on to see how each of these categories contributes to a complete smart home experience.

Savings: Smart temperature and lighting systems save energy, conserving both up-front and long-term utility costs. Monitoring of water usage helps to prevent exorbitant water bills, and can event be automatically shut-off after a certain period of usage. For the more motivated user, energy consumption can be monitored per device throughout the home to target exactly where the highest usage is.

Convenience: Home automation is exactly that – automatic. Aside from basic usages, you can do things like set triggers between devices so your lights turn off when you lock the door. These actions can be pre-set by DMI, or done on the fly.

Control: Whether it be a wall mounted touchpad, mobile device, or remote, you have full control of every system in your home from the palm of your hand. Monitor, adjust, and automate features as you see fit.

Safety: Go above a standard camera doorbell with both indoor and outdoor security measures. Cameras and motion detectors are a given, but when integrated with lighting and sound, a whole-home reaction will deter most break-ins.

Peace of Mind: With smart cameras, new parents can check on their children. Be notified when the garage door is left open, and close it from anywhere. Turn off all lights and lock all doors with the touch of a button.

Comfort: Smart home technologies can help create a comfortable atmosphere with adaptive and intelligent lighting, temperature, and sound. From circadian rhythm to human-centric lighting, your home can actively improve your day-to-day life.

These are just a few benefits of what home automation has to offer. For more details check out our Services page or just ask!