Digital Media Innovations ranks as one of the most prominent Home Automation contractors in the Rocky Mountain Region for designing and implementing high quality electronic systems in homes. We make it possible for virtually any electronic system in your home to intelligently communicate with a single touch of a button – audio and video, climate, security, lighting, doors, drapes, and some functions you never would have considered.

Home Automation

Home Automation is having the luxury of controlling any wired electronic products or systems in your home with a simple touch of a button. This system allows you to control your lighting, shades, HVAC, security system, audio and video all through your tablet, smart phone, or computer. Home Automation is an intelligent and intuitive solution for optimizing your lifestyle at home, giving you more time to relax, enjoy, and entertain, all while saving energy.

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DMI specializes in developing audio and video solutions designed for every home style, giving our clients a theater quality experience from the comfort of their own home. Audio/Video system customization will allow you to move from one room to the next with superior sound quality and uncompromised control. These systems are made possible by pairing our products and services with our client’s needs.

What A Single Button Can Do

It’s amazing what a single button can do. When you leave for a trip, the “Away” button tells the system to replay your normal routine – turning lights on and off, raising and lowering shades, everything – as if you were still home.

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