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ELK is a leading designer and manufacturer of customized security, automation, energy management and convenience solutions. Your connected home needs a smart control solution focused on security. ELK’s M1 Control gives you uncompromising security and life safety on site, plus secure connectivity with your favorite smart devices! M1 goes beyond security with flexible automation features to enhance comfort and convenience.

two-way wireless sensors

Encrypted transmissions, frequency hopping and jamming detection make it virtually impossible to lock on to the signal providing increased immunity to hacking. Bi-color LEDs confirm signals have been received and walk-test mode can be initiated from the keypad. Enhanced security and convenience with unique features built into smoke detectors, keyfobs, motion sensors, etc.

speakers, sires, and strobes

Simply detecting a home invasion threat isn’t always enough. ELK provides products to ensure you have a truly whole-home response when a threat is detected. Indoors or out, sirens and strobes serve as a deterrent to criminals, as well as making sure the owner hears the threat loud and clear.

power products

Batteries, power supplies, and transformers ensure that your ELK security system is always on even if the power goes out. With power solutions for every security component they supply, you can have peace of mind knowing your system will work when it matters most.

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