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Safety and security is important and the customization of your system allows you to take the feeling of security wherever you go. DMI can program your security system giving you control of protecting your home, surroundings and family whether you are close or away.

  • DMI’s clients can feel safe and secure whether you are in or away from your home. Door and window contacts alert exterior intrusions, while motion detectors are triggered from an interior breach. Monitored systems alert the proper authorities for Burglar and Fire intrusions.
  • The up to date technology DMI uses enables clients to connect in real time to their ip cameras. High quality cameras capture photos that could prove to be essential in case of an emergency or intrusion.
  • Prevent property damage with water sensors. Sensors are connected to shut off valves stopping major water intrusion before flooding occurs.
  • Clients are able to receive email or text notifications of exit/entry logs.
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