Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Soft morning lights gently wake you in the morning. Bright afternoon lighting feels like sunshine in your home. Warm light in the evening comforts as you relax from the day. An automated lighting system allows whole-home lighting control from your phone, keypad, or remote.

    • Save energy with the ease of dimmable lights and “all off” buttons to ensure full control of all lights, even the one your kids left on in the basement

    • Reduce wall clutter by replacing banks of light switches with stylish keypads

    • Improve your circadian rhythm with lighting tones that mimic the time of day

    • Create instant ambiance by dimming your Lutron lights for relaxation – a scene DMI can create or you can set yourself

    • Increase security with remote access to your lighting system, ensuring you a well lit welcome home

    • Design pathway scenes to provide enough light for those middle of the night bathroom trips

    • Accentuate your home’s architectural and landscape features with outdoor accent lighting

    • Integrate your lighting controls with shades, thermostat, security system, and more for a complete whole-home experience

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