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Lighting Control

Perhaps you are the kind of person who must have the lights soft in the morning and bright at night. With Lutron light automation, you can program how your lighting works in any room in the house during the day and night. You can control all over home lights with your mobile phone.

  • Save energy and enjoy the ease of a Lutron lighting control system. Dimming lights is one of the number one ways to control energy consumption. “All off” buttons ensure all lights are turned off, even the one your kids leave on in the basement.
  • Reduce wall clutter by getting rid of banks of light switches and replacing them with stylish keypads.
  • Bring instant ambiance to your home. Set the scene by dimming your Lutron lights for relaxation mode. DMI works directly with the client to make personal scenes fit their unique lifestyle.
  • Increase security by clicking a button on your car visor, ensuring you a well lit welcome home.
  • Create pathway scenes to provide enough light for those middle of the night bathroom trips.
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