Automated Shades

Automated Shades

Gently wake to morning light as your shades rise on an automated schedule. Silently block skylight glare from the ground to enjoy your favorite shows. End the day with dinner and drinks while your shades lower with the sun. Wired or wireless, corded or cord free.

  • Adjust your shades via remote control, keypads, or smartphone

  • Create personalized operation schedules that change with the seasons

  • Enjoy ultra-quite motorized shade technology

  • Integrate operation with a variety of voice control technology like Alexa, Google Home, and

  • Protect your furnishings and artwork from harmful UV rays

  • Capitalize on winter sunlight and stay cool during the summer heat

  • Control glare in your entertainment spaces

  • Optimize circadian rhythm by synchronizing your shades with your work schedule or an astronomical clock

  • Remove the safety risk and distraction of long-hanging cords

  • Power your shades with hard wiring, chargeable fixtures, or replaceable batteries

  • Save energy by integrating with your lighting and thermostat

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