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Automated Shades

Realize the full potential of natural light with Lutron motorized shades. These automated shades make it easy to keep up with the sun’s changes throughout the day. You can set preferences, timed events, and even raise or lower your shades remotely. Our shades easily integrate with your new or existing home automation system and these shades can be controlled via keypads or an app on your smart device.

For retro fit situations, Lutron’s Triathlon shades are the best in the industry. Triathlon shades come with a battery power saving function and can run for 3-5 years without having to replace the battery.

Lutron shades come with beautiful fabric, model, and control options. We can assist you with selecting the right Lutron shades in variety colors and style to fit your home decor.  Fabric samples and proto-types are available in our showroom.

We measure, install and do it all for your new construction or retrofit applications.

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  • No new wiring required.
  • Easily controlled via keypads or integrated control on your iPad or smartphone.
  • Can create personalized lighting schedules that change with the seasons.
  • Lutron’s motorized shades have a proprietary technology, allowing the shades to move up and down without making a sound.


  • Perfect for those beautiful, but hard to reach windows.
  • Protect your furnishings and artwork from harmful UV rays.
  • Block solar heat gain, helping to bring down your energy use.  Capitalize on natural sunlight to warm your house in the winter.  Lower shades to reduce your reliance on air conditioning in the summer.
  • Control glare in rooms where you stream video or watch TV.


Set an astronomic clock to have your shades move their position based on needs in the space throughout the day.

Use a remote control to silently lower blackout shades in the nursery, so you can block the sunlight without waking your sleeping baby.

With your handheld remote, you can adjust the position of your shade mid-soak, giving you the privacy you need and the ambience you want.

Eliminate glare and create the ultimate viewing experience in your media room with Serena shades. When you’re ready to watch a move simply close the shades using the remote from the comfort of your couch.

Adjust second-story shades safely and effortlessly. Thanks to battery power, the touch of a button will let you operate your shades from anywhere in the room.

Prevent the midday sun from turning your sunroom into a sauna by pressing a button to lower all of your shades, so you can stay cool and comfortable.

Whether it is reducing glare on a computer screen or harvesting daylight to reduce the need for electric light, Wireless shades allows employees to create the right amount of light they need to do their job.


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