Outdoor Surveillance Exposure

Today we’re talking about exposure levels of outdoor surveillance footage. This can become a problem when you have a light background with a darker figure in front. This is where Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology comes in. It uses three strategies to make sure that you keep all the details within the frame when this happens.

The first two are kind of like applying a filter to your favorite selfie. It starts with contrast enhancement, which balances the light and dark within the frame. It then applies multiple layers of exposure until the perfect balance is achieved. The third thing it does is lowers visual noise and increases image signal. Now if you’re wondering what visual noise is, its that grainy look that old pictures get – like anything you took on a 2005 flip phone. 

If this sounds like the images that you’re getting from your security cameras, and are interested in Wide Dynamic Range technology, reach out to DMI and we can tell you more about it!

Watch the video blog below!