Top Surveillance Tech

Our next series of videos will be covering security. To kick that off, we’re going to start with top surveillance issues and the best tech to solve them.

The most obvious of these problems would have to be darkness. The best technology for that is infrared; it allows your surveillance cameras to capture high-definition images and videos even in complete darkness. You can combine this with thermal imaging, which shows when a body of heat crosses the camera’s path; whether that be a potential intruder or just your dog. 

Which brings me to false alarms. With standard motion detectors, objects as small as insects can sometimes trigger an alert. But if you have a radar system, you can track not only the size, but also the speed of the object, allowing for a more accurate alert system. 

And if you’re like the many of us that live in Colorado, you know a good snow storm can mean the end of your security camera footage. Fortunately, you can now have a system with heated lenses that will melt the snow before it ever becomes a problem. 

All of this technology is great, but sometimes the best defense is a good offense. When you integrate your security system with lighting and av, you can create a deterrent that helps ensure a threat never even reaches your front door. If you’re interested in any of this tech or have any questions, reach out to DMI. We’re always happy to help!

Watch the video blog below!