Dolby Atmos – Immersive Sound

No longer be limited to sound from strictly right-left sound systems. Dobly Atmos allows for targeting of precise sounds – even from above. We’re going to explain what it means to have fully immersive sound.

It starts with how the audio is recorded. Traditional sound systems and recordings only had one microphone, and direction for sound to travel. Straight forward. This wasn’t a very accurate representation of what audio would sound like if you were actually witnessing it. Things were then stepped up a bit with two-channel recordings, which is where right-left (or two-channel) audio comes in. And although using two microphones was a bit better, it still wasn’t doing the audio recording justice.

This is where Dolby Atmos changes the game. It utilizes multi-directional microphones when recording audio to pick up every note, voice, and sound. The most significant difference with this recording style is the ability to capture sound from above; which then gets played from, you guessed it, above.

While many movie theaters are equipped with this technology, its not limited to just high-end applications anymore. Yes, multiple speaker locations are ideal for audio distribution, but now there are systems as small as a single soundbar that can play Dolby Atmos content.

Below are a few home applications of speaker layout for optimum listening.

Soundbar, subwoofer, floor and in-ceiling speakers
Soundbar, subwoofer, and height-channel speakers
Height-channel soundbar and subwoofer