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Aging in Place

Aging in Place Weather aging in place, moving on to assisted living, or a 55+ community, automation can help ease the day-to-day tasks that are no longer as simple as they used to be. In order to simplify everyday life, the best smart technology systems focus on the solution of improving both the physical and […]

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Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, or just for personal use, we have your vacation rentals covered. Anytime you have a property that isn’t regularly occupied, its imperative to be able to monitor the home remotely 24/7. Beyond generic management of only security, a smart home system allows full access control, systems limitations based on entry […]

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Frozen Pipe Prevention

Frozen Pipe Prevention Get ahead of disaster by stopping a burst before it starts. With both retrofit and new-build solutions, we are here to make sure frozen pipes remain a concern of the past; no more remembering to drip the faucets. Temperature sensors integrate with your smart home system to activate heating methods only when […]

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Golf Simulators

Golf Simulators The best way to practice your swing at home or just have fun with friends. In-home golf simulators are a great addition to any entertainment space. Integrate one into an existing basement or garage, or feel like a pro with a custom-designed virtual golf studio. Top-of-the-line Foresight golf simulators are not only fun, […]

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Distributed Video

Distributed Video Exceptional video from any source, on any display in your home. One source on multiple TV’s or different entertainment on each, you have the freedom of flexibility. Display your vacation highlights throughout your home, watch the news in one room while kids watch cartoons in the next, or come together for movie night […]

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Whole-home Audio

Whole-home Audio Listen to any audio source, in any room, at any time. From a single app you have the control to choose your source and zone with ease. Stream your favorite podcast in your office while the kids watch cartoons through the TV downstairs. Play the big game through the entire house so you […]

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Home Theaters

Home Theaters A fully immersive cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. Indulge in cinema-grade movies as they were meant to be seen, on ultra-widescreens and from high-end projectors. Dolby Atmos surround sound puts you in the middle of the action, uncompressed 4K video ensures you see every detail, and integration sets the […]

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Life & Water Safety

Rest easy knowing all entry points to your home are being monitored, all deliveries are accounted for, and never worry about leaving the garage door open again. With remote access and both outdoor and indoor cameras, you have peace of mind knowing your home, family, and pets are safe. Wired or wireless, user specific entry codes, light and alarm deterrents, automatic locks and geo-fencing, integrated with your AV system.

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