Home Surveillance

Keep an eye on your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, indoors and out with a home surveillance system. Access live and recorded footage right from your phone, and store all recordings on-site, subscription free. With added features for audio, night vision, and even artificial intelligence – you won’t miss a beat, especially when it counts.

  • See in the dark with infrared capabilities and thermal imaging

  • Melt snow before it blocks your view with heated camera lenses

  • Talk to intruders directly from your cameras with two-way audio

  • Scan and record license plates as they enter your property

  • Detect humans, animals, and other objects with artificial intelligence

  • Search footage by keyword instead of endless scrolling

  • Set perimeter boundaries on recording so you only capture what matters most

  • Save money on insurance premiums with 27/4 surveillance for your home


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