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Brilliance engineered

DMF designs and builds high-quality LED downlighting known for flexibility, performance, and ingenuity. Known for their modular lighting system, one housing is compatible with a wide range of components and fixtures. Their engineering team constantly researches, tests, and refines their lighting systems. Every DMF product is the result of three decades of innovation, designed to endure for years to come. DMF understands that light is more than illumination, it’s what makes your home beautiful, useful, and ultimately, livable.

OneFrame System

The OneFrame® System is the result of DMFs decades of engineering experience. A truly modular system, one junction box seamlessly houses a wide variety of lighting styles and finishes. Modules for general, accent, directional, or wall wash lighting are completely interchangeable. This allows you to change designs throughout a project without renovations, giving you in complete control of your home’s light.

SquareFrame System

The SquareFrame is the latest addition to the DMF downlighting family, with a stylish update for today’s modern home. Using OneFrame’s renowned flexibility, this new system is reimagined in a square format that delivers perfect alignment. With the ability to rotate, and at less than half the size of its competitors, the SquareFrame housing is truly unique and customizable. This line is available in thirteen square trim styles, including flangeless.

dcd system

High ceilings are no problem for the DCD Series. This higher-lumen, interoperable downlighting solution radically simplifies configuration in the field. Another modular system, with just one housing type you can choose from adjustable, lumen, color temperature, and beam angle lighting solutions. Adjustable option provides 360º rotation and 40º tilt for ultimate precision, with a twist and lock driver for easy no-tool maintenance.

dcc cylinder series

DCC is the highest performing and most versatile LED system from DMF. With over a million configurations, you can customize mounting, beam angles, lumen outputs, finishes, trim and shade options, uplighting, and more. There is no visible hardware for this system thanks to DMFs use of die-cast aluminum fixtures. Combine that with modular Twist & Lock trims and Plug & Play engines for electrician-free modifications and maintenance, and you have a perfect whole-home solution.

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