Design Without Compromise

TRUFIG is a revolutionary flush mounting process that delivers a trimless, minimalist aesthetic across a wide range of finishes. From walls to kitchen islands to ceiling surfaces, this innovative technique brings an unmatched level of consistency and camouflage to the finished look of any project. And because it’s a Sonance offering, it also comes with a systematic, precision-fit approach to installation, and the full support of our team for any help needed at any time.

wiring devices and lighting control

Fascias are designed to provide a consistent and flush finish when utilized in conjunction with TRUFIG mounting platforms and trim components. Fascias are attached to the trim components using neodymium magnets. They are designed to work with a variety of surface finishes including gypsum, plaster, tile, wood, and stone.

touch panels

Disguise touch panels into your home’s decor the same way TRUFIG does for outlets and lighting controls. Camouflage into any finish seamlessly, or have the option of adding additional control buttons in the same fixture. Compatible with standard tablet sizes along with popular home automation touch panels.


HVAC vents and returns typically protrude from the wall and ceiling, why not provide air flow that is not only functional but stylish. Seamlessly blend your HVAC grilles with the rest of the home with a range of finishes and patters. Combine any color or pattern with cross pattern, slotted, squares, or T-pattern grilles to fit any decor.

Disguise the controls for your home with TRUFIG

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