Stewart Filmscreen

the art of innovation

Stewart filmscreens is more than just screens — they’re a group of dreamers, designers, and forward-thinkers who want to craft unbelievable viewing experiences. And with over 70 years in the projection screen industry, you’re guaranteed to get a product that’s designed with integrity and built to last.


Why not watch films at home on the exact same surface they were crafted upon? Stewart Filmscreen has a unique privilege and responsibility in regards to serving the community of studios and post-production artists who comprise the cinema industry. Our shared California roots — and a short car trip to Hollywood — set us up as a convenient and cooperative partner for cinema production.

gaming and VR

Enjoy all the detail and visceral excitement of game environments at 1:1 scale. In a collaborative game setting, a shared large scale screen is the best way to enhance the thrill of play. With a large scale game environment, what was once a solitary pursuit turns into a magnified family or party event. Experience gaming unhinged on your very own, 16K+ Stewart projection screen. It doesn’t get any better.

Bring your entertainment screen to life with Stewart Filmscreen

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