harmony of technology and design

Throughout the Séura journey, technology has drastically evolved and become an even larger and more integrated part of everyday life. With that, Séura’s vision has evolved as well. Instead of bridging the gap between design and technology Séura is focused on eliminating it. Working to find the perfect harmony of design and technology in every product and project so that every individual gets the most from every space they are in.

vanity mirrors

Design the perfect mirror for your bathroom with Séura’s industry-leading vanity mirror solutions. Select from a broad offering of sizes, lighting designs and other technology options to enhance your bathroom design and make each morning more enjoyable. Bring abundant, bright light into bathroom designs without adding fixtures or seamlessly incorporate video into bathrooms, dressing rooms and spas without ever having to see the TV.

tv mirrors

Enjoy entertainment without compromising on design. Séura TV Mirrors are created to reflect your style, not distract from it. A high performance TV when on, a stunning mirror when off. A beautiful mirror that magically transforms into a TV when switched on. Séura Entertainment TVs offer uncompromising quality, while adding to the design of your home.

lighted mirrors

Bring bright, natural light to the bathroom vanity with Séura LED Lighted Mirrors. Superior quality, unparalleled brightness and a suite of customization options make Séura Lighted Mirrors the perfect match for any design. Light is evenly washed across the entire face, allowing you to apply makeup with precision without working around shadows. Replace or complement traditional above mirror lighting fixtures or sconces with a more modern wall mounted lighted mirror solution.


Seamlessly integrate televisions into your designed spaces – from bathrooms, to bedrooms, to kitchens. Séura televisions offer unique, configurable design options like finishes, frames and vanishing technology so your TV can become a part of your interior design.  Waterproof TVs are designed to perform wherever you want them, indoors or out.

Bring the beauty and technology of Seura into your home

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