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Leon is known for their award-winning sound and renowned level of customization. Every speaker they produce is built by hand, and custom-tailored to any requirement you or your project has. Match the dimensions of your existing media system, or integrate seamlessly into your home,with Leon you will always have Picture Perfect Sound®. With a creative approach, Leon designs and manufactures customizable speakers and technology concealment solutions that enhance the sound and style of any space.

Horizon series

Leon’s Horizon Series soundbars are hand crafted to match any TV, at any width. They provide high-performance audio with a discreet aesthetic, perfect for any size media room. All grills are hand-stretched using only the finest acoustically transparent fabric, including cut outs or indentations for TV logos, IR sensors, and camera ports. Horizon soundbars are available in three scalable configurations, L/C/R, L/R or Center-only channel speakers.

profile series

Leon’s Profile Series speakers, similar to the Horizon Series, are custom built to match both the height and finish of any TV. Designed to deliver high-performance audio, with six models to choose from, you can achieve the perfect audio solution for any sized space. These side-mount speakers are available in two different configurations: adding high-fidelity (Hi-Fi) audio in stereo, or as a left-right-center (LCR) for home theater applications.

axis series

Leon’s in-ceiling Axis Series speakers are capable of handling distributed audio, surrounds, or main speakers audio for any size home entertainment system. With 2 models available, both open back or sealed enclosures, this series of in-ceiling speakers combine high-performance audio with a seamless aesthetic. Both circle or square grills are available, and every option can be custom-painted to match any color, or custom printed with graphics, to be cohesive with any decor. 

vault series

Leon’s Vault Series of in-wall speakers can be stand-alone to create high-performance home theater systems, or can be a supplement to the Horizon or Profile Series speakers as rear channels. This series of speakers are handcrafted from solid medium density fiberboard (MDF) to ensure sound isn’t being heard in other spaces. As a compliment, the aluminum baffle reduces resonance by providing structural rigidity for a high-end, refined bass.

detail series

The Detail Series compact surround speakers offer full 5-channel Hi-Fi audio, and are handcrafted and sonically-matched to Leon’s front soundstage speakers. Because of their versatility and size, these speakers are a scalable option suitable to any size media project. They can also be customized for any decor starting with just a paint code or color swatch. Hand-painted to match any wall color or hardwood, and less than 4” deep, they can be wall mounted to disappear right onto the wall.

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