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The best way to experience crisp, clear audio, is when you can’t see it. JL Audio is known for car, marine, and of course home audio – but in-wall subwoofers are their specialty. With award-winning solutions for a range of applications from single room to dedicated theater spaces, you can’t go wrong with JL Audio.

In-room powered subwoofers

Subwoofers are an essential part of any great audio system—stereo or multi-channel. They also are JL Audio’s specialty. From the diminutive d108, to the awe-inspiring Gotham®, JL Audio’s in-room powered subwoofers have received the highest accolades from audio reviewers and demanding audiophiles around the world. Within each model is a specifically engineered subwoofer driver and an optimized electronics package with unique JL Audio technologies.

in-wall subwoofers

The same minds that engineered JL Audio’s reference-grade Fathom® and Gotham® powered subwoofers have created a series of outstanding subwoofer systems designed to disappear inside your walls. This means you can expect real JL Audio subwoofer performance, not a weak facsimile. Each IWS system is powered by a separate, rack-mountable amplifier with powerful signal processing features.

in-ceiling subwoofers

In-ceiling subwoofers solve many challenges in large, open living areas, as well as home theater installations. At the center of our Fathom ICS design is a unique low-profile subwoofer driver, designed from the ground up for its application and loaded in a special slot-ported enclosure, all firing through a small grille opening. An outboard, rack-mountable amplifier supplies the power and a complete suite of signal processing features.

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