Honeywell provides the part of your home that takes care of what matters most to your home, giving you the freedom to take care of what makes your house a home. Through their intuitive Honeywell Home and Buoy innovations they can help you feel more confident about your home. From alerting you to a small faucet leak to filtering pollutants in the air around you, breathe easier knowing we’re here for your home. They’ve pioneered the next wave of supported home technology to help you feel comfortable, safe, and secure, relaxing as if you were home even when you’re not.


heating and cooling

From WiFi connected, smart and programmable thermostats to humidifiers, home ventilation and air purifiers, Honeywell Home takes control of what supports your home in making you feel more at home. Adjusting the temperature can only go so far, by fully controlling the climate in your home you can achieve optimum comfort.

safety and security

From home security cameras to smart alarm systems to wireless doorbells, Honeywell Home to takes control and protects your home from internal and external threats, with products like the C1 WiFi Security Camera. They also have solutions to protect from water related threats with not only leak detectors, but freeze detectors as well.

home air quality

Today’s tightly built homes can trap dust, allergens and potentially hazardous contaminants in the air. Honeywell Home air filters from Resideo help provide cleaner air by capturing a high percentage of harmful airborne particles, including smoke, dust, pet dander and more from the air. And their UV air purifiers work within your home’s ductwork to reduce airborne particles while ultraviolet light addresses surface contaminants such as mold on air conditioning coils.

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