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Outdoor Living

Today’s home entertainment experience is no longer confined within four walls of home. Outdoor Living Guide is the perfect resource for your next Outdoor Audio or Lighting.

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Communicating from one room to the next or from the inside to the outside, a clear and reliable network makes life easier at home or when you have visitors arriving.

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Climate Control

Every room has a different function and different design for which it is used. Whether a wine cellar, living room, or kitchen, you can control the climate anywhere .

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Automated Shades

With a single touch of a button, you can operate your Lutron shades to move up or down anytime of the day and within a second be on your way to something else, DMI USA.

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Lighting Control

Perhaps you are the kind of person who must have the lights soft in the morning and bright at night. With Lutron light automation, you can program how your lighting.

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Home Automation

It’s amazing what a single button can do. When you leave for a trip, the “Away” button tells the system to replay your normal routine lights on and off, raising and shades etc.

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Home Theater

Sometimes, half the fun is just seeing the reaction from your guest when they enter the room. Little surprises in a room can make a big impact and put the touches.

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Audio/Video Control

Whether it be soft music or the clear sound of a winning sports team, surround audio and video in your home is as close as you could be to complete satisfaction.

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