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Outdoor Living

Extend your smart home experience to your outdoor spaces. Lighting, video, landscape audio, and wifi make the outdoors a true complement of the home.

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A strong, reliable, and high capacity secure network allows you to enjoy your connected lifestyle carefree. Indoor and outdoor, guest networks, parental controls, firewall protection, balanced wireless access points, prioritized connections, scheduled WiFi.

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Climate Control

Save energy when you’re away and enhance comfort before you get home. Tie your shades, lights, humidifier, air purifier, and HVAC together to make your space comfortable and energy efficient either on demand or on an automated schedule. Radiant heat, forced air, electric heating, air vent control, and weather integration.

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Automated Shades

Open your home to views from any window including high ceiling, skylight, and more with customized designs and endless style and fabric options. Utilize daylight harvesting, wake up with natural light, protect your art and furniture, and save energy effortlessly. Wired or wireless, and cord free.

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Lighting Control

Optimize lighting for every occasion, complement your circadian rhythm, and increase safety all while saving energy. Whether you have a retrofit or new build, wired or wireless lighting makes these amenities possible for any project.

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Home Automation

It’s amazing what a single button can do. When you leave for a trip, the “Away” button tells the system to replay your normal routine lights on and off, raising and shades etc.

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Home Entertainment

Lights off, shades down, your favorite movie on – experience full cinematic immersion with one touch. Whether your media collection is on records, DVDs, or digital, play it through an award winning single remote or mobile app. Custom engineered acoustic and visuals, DOLBY Atmos, in-wall speakers, subs, and amplifiers.

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Audio/Video Control

One hidden set of equipment shares sources and controls every TV and speaker in your home discreetly, all from a single access remote or mobile app. Combined with High Res Audio and individual room control, you can elevate your entertainment experience.

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