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Established in 1980, LILIN quickly grew to be a leading manufacturer in the advanced IP video surveillance industry. LILIN is dedicated to design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of networking surveillance solutions. In the rising market of home automation, safety is a major concern. Surveillance and alarm systems are natural components of most home automation systems, and innovative integrations mean the term “smart home” will not only mean a home is high-tech, but also safe.

Facial Recognition

LILIN facial recognition can identify a person from a photo database of up to 1,000 faces, from live stream of an IP camera or door station. Based on the face detected, remote actions and automation are triggered for opening a gate, sending HTTP Post signal, or firing alarm. Open doors for luxury apartments, gates for private residences, or any door of your choice.

license place recognition (lpr)

LILIN edge LPR cameras can recognize numbers on license plates without the use of a computer. Standard systems require confirmation from a computer for actions to be triggered – this system communicated directly with the entry gate. Based on the license plate, remote actions and automation with live video can be performed for opening the gates, sounding an alarm, and more. Built-in allowed list, denial list, and visitor list for parking, buildings, offices, and home automation.


LILIN’s devices can now be controlled with both Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) and Savant Pro. Ask Alexa simple prompts about your security system “Is the garage door closed?”, “Is the back porch light on?”, etc. Check health status of your cameras, control video playback, switch video feeds, and more with either your voice or from the palm of your hand.

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