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LG has an innovative range of smartphones, TVs, home entertainment systems, kitchen appliances and air conditioning systems. Even though they offer such a variety of products, they still produce cutting-edge solutions for entertainment spaces in the home including soundbars, projectors, surround sound, media players, and more.


LG offers four main technologies for their TVs. Self-lit pixels produce perfect black and put LG OLEDs in a class of their own. Nano particles render true color with our most advanced LED technology yet. Active HDR is the benchmark of picture quality for a cinematic experience. Then 8K offers rich, stunning picture as the ultimate in screen resolution.


LG’s combination of soundbar and subwoofer deliver Dolby Atmos® to envelop you in sound. Originally created for the cinema, Dolby Atmos allows you to hear every note, every sound and every word in stunning clarity. It’s powerful, moving audio that flows all around you, even overhead. Wirelessly pair the soundbar with additional surround sound speakers for a full cinematic audio experience.


From projectors to Blu-Ray players, LG has the video equipment your entertainment space needs. You can experience breathtaking home cinema with the all-new LG Ultra Short Throw Laser, control your favorite content using just your voice, and pair with Bluetooth to enable audio products for streaming from your favorite sources.

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