Tech for Wellness in the Home

Recent events have changed the way we see health and wellness, and the home is no exception. Home has become not only a place to live, but also work, learn, exercise…and somehow still relax? Fortunately there are tech solutions to help achieve that and more.

1: Water Quality – it has long been known that tap water quality is not where it needs to be. With over half of our bodies being comprised of it, it’s no wonder that poor water quality has a major impact on the rest of our health. Integrated water purification systems monitor, remove, and notify you of impurities in your water.

2: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – unlike poor water quality, IAQ often goes unnoticed, and can affect not only respiratory function, but also cardiovascular and immune systems. Automated purification systems do more than just monitor for pollutants, they actively eliminate particulates in the air. With not only outdoor contaminates, but additional man-made chemicals making their way into our homes, it is pertinent that the air inside stays as clean as possible.

3: Touchless Voice Control – doorknobs, light switches, remotes and other high-touch surfaces contribute to germ spread throughout the home. Voice control offers a simple solution for any age or physical ability. Recent advancements now allow the user to speak more intuitively, with a wider range of accents too.

4: Circadian Rhythm – the 24 hour “internal clock” that your body operates on is tied to day/night, i.e. light. When this rhythm is thrown off it can cause insomnia, lack of focus, or more seriously heart disease and diabetes. Fortunately a combination of automated lighting and shades is an easy solution. Tunable white fixtures allow a single bulb to imitate light from the sun throughout the day, allowing your body to sleep and awaken in a more natural manner. Event without artificial light, automated shades give control over natural light for the same effect.

5: Stress Reducers – creating a truly stress-free environment takes a combination of the above technology, but can really be optimized by sound. White noise or biophilic sounds have both been proven to reduce stress whether it be for a yoga studio, or just to help you fall asleep at night.

Although technology can feel like a hinderance at times, at the end of the day these solutions were created to make our lives easier, healthier, and more enjoyable.