Slow Conference Calls

One of the most common service calls to get from our clients is about slow network speed. Now with most of us working from home right now I’m sure you’ve noticed that Zoom specifically takes a really large toll on your internet speed. For successful conference calls, Zoom recommends between 2 1/2 to 3 megabits (Mbps) per second of upload speed. Yes, upload speed.

Let’s put that in perspective. High-speed broadband internet is defined as only requiring 0.2 Mbps per second of upload speed. So when you hop on that conference call and everyone looks like a bit of a blur, it’s because you’re trying to make $3 out of $0.25. 

So as funny as it is that your coworker sounds like a robot talking underwater, if you ever want to solve that problem, reach out to DMI and see if we can help you establish crystal clear conference calls.

Watch the video blog below!