Indoor Air Quality in the Home

Our next series of videos will be covering wellness within the home, and how technology can help. The best place to start for this is indoor air quality (IAQ).This can be affected by things like temperature, humidity, or ventilation. And while you’re first thought probably goes to opening the window, often times the outdoor air is equally low-quality due to smoke and pollutants.

Fortunately, an automated filtration system can help. It not only counts the levels of particulates that the filter is catching, it also automatically adjusts based on what those levels are. When you combine a system like this with whole-home temperature humidity control to mitigate bacteria and mold; you can make sure that the air in your home is safe and healthy for your whole family. 

Looking to clean up the air in your home? Reach out and we can go over a list of options.

Watch the video blog below!