Smart Home Automation Tips

1. Reduce the man effort to move around for adjusting light.

The existing traditional lighting switch are only fitted on the wall, so to operate it we move around it. But by installing portable wireless dimmers and switches next to our bed or chair can reduce the man effort. The wireless device can be carried around with us if necessary.

Also, by installing motion sensors for bathroom to make smart lighting particularly at night time.

2 Reduce the man effort to move around for adjusting heating.

For adjust the temperature w2ithout moving around we can use voice command or smart phone. The system is energy efficient and regulate temperature in auto mode without continuous adjustments.

An authorized member or a person see the life temperature along with its historical data in the house from anywhere in the world.

3. Reduce runs to the kitchen.

Instead to standing around waiting for kettle to boil. We can use voice command or smart phone to operate kettle form anywhere in our house.

An authorized user or family member can also receive alert notification, so they can be notified that all is well.

4. Increase security

We can install a video door station to see who’s at the door front. We can see it on our smart phone or tablet, we don’t need to get up and answer at the door.

This setup can be also used to unlock or lock the door as per the given command.

5. Get a notification if there is a flood or water leak.

We can set up flood sensors around major appliances or baths to get an app notification on smart phones or tablet. They can be notified anywhere in the world.

6. Improved life quality.

We can use voice assistant or smart phone to simply ask for any song, audio book, radio station, weather forecast or news update and have it played.