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Home Automation

Every system in your home, integrated together, and accessible at the touch of a button. Save energy by coordinating your lighting and shades based on daily weather forecasts. Sync audio and lighting to your security system for immediate emergency response. With a complete home automation system, technology no longer has to be a burden, but a true compliment to your daily life.

  • Integrate every system in your home from audio/video, lighting, security, HVAC, access system, shades, and more
  • Access your home from the palm of your hand using any device, including your phone, iPad, or Savant remote
  • Maximize your home’s efficiency by scheduling high-demand system responses like lighting and HVAC
  • Customize scenes for your day-to-day routine for leaving the house, coming home from work, or even family movie night
  • Take control with a user friendly interface designed to give you the power to personalize your systems
  • Monitor each system from anywhere in the world with the award-winning Savant app


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