Savant Conference

Savant Demonstrated Home Automation OSD Via Apple TV

  • Savant is a world leading manufacturer of home automation systems, It’s premium smart control and home automation solutions offer personification features that make the difference in a smart home and a Savant Home.
  • Savant launched one of the first-ever (approved) two-way integration between Apple TV and a third-party home automation system at the recent ISE. Savant also Showed how everything in the Savant smart-home ecosystem could be monitored and controlled through an on-screen display (OSD) through Apple remote at the world well-known trade show held at the starting of February. To control a Savant home automation system on the big screen you need an Apple TV box and a remote and a remote compatible to it.
  • 2-way integration was formed feasible by Apple’s revelation of a long-awaited API for two-way IP integration by the end of last year at WWDC 2018. Apple also reported Control4, Crestron and Savant as the first three company’s first three home-automation partners. Apart of Savant, Crestron Presented and launched its own Apple TV integration at ISE, but offered a different operation. As per our knowledge, Savant is the first to implement an OSD through Apple remote.
  • In Addition, Trevor de Maat (Savant international sales director) pulled up the Savant services using the Apple remote on the TV and operated via three-level UI Displaying home-automation scenes at the top, paired devices and rooms in the center, and favorite channels at the end.
  • The combination is pretty good. Trevor de Matt explained in a local room how the user could control the devices and then to dim or brighten the load he used the touch-pad on the Apple TV remote just by clicking the thumbnail on the TV OSD. You can monitor how the lights were responding live on the thumbnail image.

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