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Whole Home Automation

Savant is the world leader in Apple based home automation and control systems. We offer home and commercial automation systems of SAVANT for lighting, energy, media, A/V, and communications management for home or office. As the first company who introduced a native iPhone, and iPad applications to control various devices. Savant has always been on the cutting edge of Apple based home automation. Through the most sophisticated software in the industry, Savant Hosts are capable of managing the varied technologies within any smart home or property. Savant designs, develops, and manufactures a complete suite of smart home solutions that meet every need.


Savant Host

Designed with an ideal combination of personalization and control, Smart Host provides the full experience and is perfect for most smart home contexts. And for larger, unique homes that require a higher degree of customization, the Pro Host offers a perfect home automation solution.

As the flagship in the line, the SAVANT Super Pro Host is intended for the most complex installations, providing increased startup performance for very large systems.

Whole Home Audio


Savant’s IP Audio systems distribute high quality audio over ethernet networks and are customized to meet the exact needs of each home or office installation. Savant audio solutions scale dramatically from a few rooms up to installations requiring a large number of rooms and speakers.

With Savant Pro, control all your music with one experience across all your devices: mobile, Savant Remotes, and in-wall touch screens.

Climate Control

Intelligent automation in tandem with climate control, the Savant Multistat lets you orchestrate all the comforts of home at a touch. With multistat’s stylish, high-res touchscreen displays temperature inside and out, your local weather forecast and even Savant Scenes.

Whole home control is at hand. Imagine calling up a custom Savant “Relax” Scene that dims the lights, lowers the shades, cues your playlist and lights your gas fireplace. Savant’s Climate relay modules enable the Multistat to manage a number of different heating and cooling systems within the same space, effortlessly.

Control Interfaces

Savant Control Interfaces

The Savant Pro App provides unparalleled control over your Savant home. Available for both iOS and Android, the App features and elegant design that is simple to use. Savant Touch provides full control where you need it with high-resolution touch screens. Available in 5” and 8” sizes with both in-wall and table-top options.

The Savant Metro keypad is available in a variety of button arrangements and can be placed anywhere you want quick access to lights or music (or anything at all) within your smart home. You may even customize buttons yourself through the Pro App.

IP Video Distribution

Savant Video

Watch up to nine sources on a single screen with this seamless video tiling solution. Get news from multiple sources, follow simultaneous sporting events, or monitor your home via multiple video signals.

Savant’s network IP Video makes it easy to deliver exceptionally high-resolution video from any source to any display. Designed for both small- and large-scale video distribution with integrated controls.

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