Lighting Control Options by Lutron

Up till around 15 years before, the lighting and electrification were very simple. Just we have to fix a bulb and connect a switch to it for doing on and off. But today’s lighting experience is very different.

In today’s world investing in smart home lighting technology for your house is not an option, but it should be. Everything we do in our house, from dining, chilling, sleeping, reading, walking etc. Lighting is analytical for all.

Things we can do with smart lighting:

– Customize perceptive lighting scenes based on when and how we use space.

– By automated fixtures, we can save energy cost.

– home’s architecture, design, and artwork are Highlighted

– With the effects of different light temperatures, you can enjoy the atmosphere.

– It Increases security while you’re not at home.

Why We Prefer Lutron

For smart and automated lighting there is a lot of choice on the market. At DMI., we prefer to work with Lutron because of its high-end product quality and leading technology that fits into any home and are budget friendly also.

The Home Technology Transformation: Personalized Lighting

As an explorer of transformation, Personalized lighting options for a residential home is recently added by Lutron for giving the ability to customize lighting to home-owners.

This innovative technology makes you feel fresh from day-to-night because you wake up with bright, refreshing cool light and the day end with a pleasant tone.

You can create exciting scenes with color variation by using Personalized lighting. You can illuminate your home with a different color with your mood, or with the festival decoration. You can’t imagine the virtual possibilities.


Sun is the greatest light source, we can’t control the light in our home without controlling the sunlight. If we don’t control sunlight it will result in to increase in temperature, glare and faded surface within the home by using automated shades with a lighting control system, we can create the perfect look at any time during the day.

A noble Investment

Although smart automated lighting is having high-end feature and technology, they are less expensive than we think. It is like one-time investment and we can use it for the next 15+ year with some of the regular upgrades to the system.