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know about home automation for architects

Are You Creating Truly Smart Homes ?

Digital Media Innovations will help you understand the basics, so you can talk intelligently with the client and the other members of the design team. It will show you what is possible, describe some alternatives and explain how to incorporate the various systems without detracting from your design. You’ll have a good grasp of modern best practice for low-voltage systems in the home, and feel more confident specifying these systems. It is amazing how well the simplest wall jack, ceiling speaker or iPad wall unit can blend with your home decor and eliminate eye sores typically bared with for functionality. Such architectural elements are engineered to for seamless flows of function without altering the decor of your walls, floors and ceilings. While small touches, they have a big impact on the value of each room with grand focus on your home automation paired with the interior design.


  • Architectural elements are easy to install and order.
  • Every element can be custom painted, wall papered or sized to fit each room.
  • They are easy to remove, clean and keep as new in appearance with the rest of the room.
  • Design changes in your home can be accommodated with new replacement products.

We would love to apply our experience to your project.

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